Thursday, 25 April 2013

Solved Sample Cue Cards

Describe a person who became your friend accidently.
I, being sociable, love to make friends as they are considered very precious to own. If I have to mention a person who became my friend accidently, I would name M. Kashif
I met him for the first time in a wedding ceremony of one of my cousins two months back. He was invited there with family. We shared the same table there. He was looking elegant and dashing. The first impression of him was of an army officer. He was sitting gracefully and observing the people around. He was in his thirties. He was looking very handsome in black suit. I was sitting beside him. Initially, we remained silent for some time except exchanging smiles. After few minutes, I did greet him and had a matching response from him. Meanwhile, some other people also joined the same table.
By profession he was a business man and was handling his family business of import and export with his two brothers in Lahore. We shared certain similarities.
I am a great admirer of those individuals who are well versed and groomed. I was very astonished to see that he was well-informed and updated. When we exchanged our views on various current national and international issues, he participated actively and gave his expert opinion in a convincing manner. He was a mine of information.  I was very inspired by his art of communication as he knew the art to engage his audience by using a spell binding style of speaking.
He was desperate to see change in this country and wanted the youth to come forward to contribute to the development of this country. He adored Imran khan very much because of his noble cause. This similarity dragged me towards him as we both had same kind of views.
Besides this, he had a good sense of humour. He cut jokes to amuse us too. In short, his maturity and realistic approached appealed me the most and within a short span of time we became friends. We did exchange our contacts and emails to stay in touch in future. Now, we interact almost every day on face book or Skype. I’m very happy to find such a friend who is the best motivator to inspire.

Describe a childhood game you played and still remembered (not sport)

Childhood is the most memorable and adorable period of one’s life. I had a wonderful time as a child and I cherish every memory of that time. However, If I get an opportunity to describe a game I used to play I would surely name a video game………….
Being a blue-eyed boy of my family, I enjoyed every possible luxury of that time. I was given a play station by my father on my 11th birthday so that I could pass my free time. Though I had a huge collection of video games but ……………….had a great appeal to me due to its features.
It was a kind of game which I had to achieve certain targets to reach different levels. I used to play it with my brother or my close friend Asif in the evenings. Being a kid, I was very fascinated by all the characters who were mighty enough to defeat any of the opponents. They were vigilant , powerful and swift to startle their enemies. I learnt many tricks to play that game skillfully. My favorite player was……….. who was destined to win within no time because of his moves.
Besides this,That game not only was a great source of entertainment but also helped me learn  various things. Firstly, I improved my language by reading instructions on the screen to use tools or applications. It was very helpful later on. Secondly, It made me more imaginative to find the best possibilities to save myself from enemies and attain my targets. Hurdles and difficulties were handled single handedly which made me more confident and sharp minded. 

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